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Work Permit


Work Permit

The professional activity of foreign citizens on national territory can only be carried out with a Work Notice or a Work Permit.

According to the European Union regulations, every EU/EEA citizen enjoys the same labour rights as the ones applied to Romanian citizens, and thus, they do not need a work permit. Foreign citizens who are third country nationals, can work in Romania only after obtaining a work permit, and subsequently a long stay visa for work and a residence permit.



Types of work permits

There are several types of work permits that can be granted to foreign citizens: for permanent workers, seasonal workers, for trainees, for athletes, for cross-border workers, nominal work permit. Depending on the category of your activity, the right to extend your temporary stay for employment purposes can be extended up to 1 year, as a general rule. As far as highly skilled workers are concerned, their stay can be extended up to 2 years.




Steps to obtain a work permit

The steps necessary to obtain a work permit are initiated by the employer who will submit the necessary files and pay the applicable taxes at the offices of the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI). It takes up to 30 days for IGI to solve such requests. For additional information, please visit the official IGI page regarding work permits.

More details and prerequisites for foreigners can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, Work Section - Information guide for third-country nationals.



Work permit application

A work permit can only be obtained by the employer, natural person or legal entity, based on the documents submitted to the territorial units of the Inspectorate General for Immigration.

The employer must also keep the document in order to prove that the employment of the foreign citizen was lawful. The employee must always keep a certified copy of the work permit or of the residence permit granted for work purposes.


  • Curriculum Vitae and annexed hereto, an affidavit, stating that he/ she has no criminal record, is medically fit to be employed and has minimal Romanian language skills;
  • Medical certificate stating that he/she is fit to work;
  • Clear criminal record;
  • Graduation record, translated and certified, also all scientific degrees and certifications, accompanied by validation certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research;
  • Passport or ID, with the long stay visa (original and copy);
  • Two ¾ photos;
  • Updated medical and tax registration certificate etc.




Internal Procedures

After submitting your application for work permit, the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) must answer the request within 30 days. The term may be extended by a maximum of 15 days for further verification. After obtaining the work permit, foreign citizens must apply for long term visa at the Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices.

For foreign citizens who carry out work under a valid work permit, the IGI approval is no longer required, the only mandatory approval being that of the National Visa Centre for long stay visa for employment purposes. Within 60 days from obtaining your work permit, an application must be filled in for a long-stay visa for employment purposes. Otherwise, the permit will expire.

For more details about long-term visa for third-country citizens access the 'Visas for Foreign Researchers' section of our website or the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Long Stay Visa' section.

The right of residence granted with the long term visa may be extended by filing a request accompanied by a series of documents to the General Inspectorate for Immigration. The request must be made at least 30 days before the expiration of the previous residence permit. Along with it, the employment authorisation may also be extended, but only if the work place was maintained.

More information regarding the internal procedures for long-term work visas and residence permits can be found on the official website of the General Inspectorate for Immigration, section Residence in Romania for work.