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Medical care


In case of medical emergencies, disasters, fire alarms, accidents or other situations that require urgent intervention, please call 112 - free of charge in every network.


The insured status can be acquired if the following conditions are met:

  • Proof of health contributions under the provisions of the law, proof of a residence permit or a permanent residence in Romania;
  • Proof of holding the citizenship of a country with which Romania has concluded health agreements and treaties;
  • The citizen is under 18 or he/she is a student/pupil/apprentice aged up to 26 years. Starting with age 26, regardless of social status, state health contributions must be paid in order to still benefit from health insurance.

An insured individual benefits from the following services:

  • He/she can choose a family doctor (general physician), health care provider and health insurance house, under the provisions of the law. The family doctor can be replaced only after 6 months from the date of being included on his list.
  • Preventive health care and medication, as well as medical services and medical supplies, according to the law;
  • Healthcare in the hospitals with which health insurance houses have agreements or with which they collaborate;
  • Emergency medical services;
  • Dental services and recovery assistance;
  • Home health care services;
  • The right to information in case of medical treatment and data privacy.
  1. Copy of ID card, which shows the right of residence in Romania
  2. Certificate of Good Standing from the National Trade Register Office (Unirii Boulevard, No. 74):
    • -Balance sheets;
    • -Annexes to the balance sheet - profit-sharing protocol, account balance;
    • -Articles of Incorporation;
    • -Unique Registration Certificate, certificates for any changes in capital or social shares.
  3. Ascertaining certificate of whether social capital contribution has changed in the last 5 years
  4. Management report for shareholders/partners
  5. Certificate from the Authority for Foreigners with residency periods over the last 5 years
  6. Notarized Statement from which results that during the last 5 years they have received taxable incomes in Romania and their nature; other documents attesting the amount of taxable income:
    • -Statements regarding salary income obtained from abroad, whose taxation is made in Romania (for seconded staff);
    • -Statements of taxation for people who derive income from independent activities;
    • -Prepayment decisions covering the entire period of the 2007-2012 limitation deadlines or starting when the lease was closed;
    • -Other documents certifying the amount of taxable income in Romania.

Documents required for foreigners residing in Romania, which have to pay health contribution, can be found on the Bucharest District Health Insurance House website.