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Leaving EuropeDeparture conditions/formalitiesRomania

Departure conditions


If you are leaving the country there are several matters that you should consider before your departure:

  • Check the travel advices and information given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Check your entry and residence conditions. If necessary, obtain a visa or residence permit for entry/employment/study
  • Update your health insurance. If necessary, obtain the European health insurance card. If necessary, obtain private health insurance
  • Check at your local tax authority whether you need a certificate proving your previous status as a tax payer
  • Cancel the bank accounts and payment methods you used if you are no longer going to use them
  • Cancel all services (water, electricity, gas, communication services, etc.) that you were subscribed to

Romania has a large diplomatic network, the entire list of diplomatic missions can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.