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Health Insurance

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According to the official website of the Bucharest Health Insurance House and the official website of the National Health Insurance House, the insured status ceases upon the loss of the right of residence on national territory, in case of death or 3 after months after the last contribution.


If the citizen is not insured, medical services are free of charge only if there are surgical emergencies or potential endemic skin diseases, as well as in case of pregnant women, for pregnancy monitoring.

For temporary stays not exceeding 6 months on national territory, EU/EEA citizens are entitled to medical benefits if they have a valid European Health Insurance Card. This document is issued free of charge on request and may be renewed one month prior to its expiration. From this card may benefit all insured persons who provide proof of up to date payment of the health fund fees.

For the procedures of obtaining the European card, please visit the European Commission website managed by the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. This card can be obtained by third country nationals only if evidence of legal residence in the European area is provided and if they are insured under a national social security system.

If the foreign citizen is not employed with an employment contract, but he/she wants to benefit from the insured status, he must be included on the list of a general physician and must conclude an insurance with one of the insurance houses with which the physician collaborates, through payment of health contributions.

Fees are calculated as a share of 6.5%, applied to the amount of the minimum wage. The obtained insurance certificate must be presented to the family doctor.

A list of family physicians in Bucharest can be found here.