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Education in Romania represents a national priority

Starting with the accession date of Romania to the European Union, citizens of the member states of the European Union, states of the European Economic Area and Swiss Confederation have access to all forms and levels of education, in similar conditions to those set by law for Romanian citizens, including tuition fees.

Foreign citizens who want to study in schools included in the Romanian education system have the opportunity to attend a preparatory year for studying Romanian language.




There is no tuition fee for the preparatory year and schooling takes place in education units set by the county / City of Bucharest directorate for undergraduate education.

Foreign pupils can be enrolled in the undergraduate education system without attending the preparatory year for studying Romanian language, at the parents or legal tutors’ request.

The enrollment of foreign pupils must be approved by the administrative council of the education unit, after the equivalence of previous studies, at the parents or legal tutors’ request.

Recognition and equivalence of studies is approved by the Ministry of National Education.

Foreign pupils can be enrolled in education units even if the maximum statutory limit for the number of pupils is exceeded.

Education is compulsory until the 10th grade. After the age of 18, full time compulsory education until the 10th grade is no longer required.

The national education system includes the following levels:

University education and post-university education



There is no tuition fee for public schools. There could be taxes on some activities, in respect to the conditions set by law.

Teaching is in Romanian language, but can also bein minority languages and international languages, as providedby law.

Learning Romanian, as official language, is compulsory for all Romanian citizens, regardless of nationality. The curricula must include the required number of hours, and all conditions to allow the acquisition of the official language must be met.

Both in public and private education institutions, the official documents, nominated by order of the Minister of National Education, are elaborated in Romanian. Other documents can be drawn up in the teaching language.

The education system is organized on levels, ensuring the coherence and continuity of education and training, in accordance with age and individual characteristics.