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COVID-19 in Romania

Please inform yourself only from official sources!

In order to support the citizens and to ensure the correct and complete information regarding the evolution of COVID-19 cases in Romania, the website was developed.

For questions and recommendations related to COVID-19, the TelVerde number 0800 800 358 has been released.

For further information, you may also consult the websites of the institutions:

Welcome to EURAXESS in Romania

EURAXESS is a platform for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities and businesses to interact with each other. Packed with information, EURAXESS covers mobility issues for researchers and entrepreneurs, allows universities and businesses to find the right talent, and connects people, projects and funding.



The entry on Romanian territory implies a series of conditions for both EU citizens and third-country nationals.


Entry conditions/visas




In order to help you get accustomed to your daily activities, EURAXESS Romania offers you practical information 


Getting started




This section provides answers to questions on  security (healthcare, building up a pension, how are you covered for unemployment), taxation (what taxes and how much you have to pay) and intellectual property rights






Romania promotes the development of research capacities and exchange programs with foreign scientists by creating research opportunities with the purpose of increasing the visibility of Romanian research and harmonizing it with European standards.


Research in Romania




We invite you to a journey to discover  Romania. 


Daily life