Types of housing in Romania

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  • Studios - one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom;
  • Apartments - number of rooms varies from 1 to 5, kitchen and bathroom. You can also find attic apartments (on the top floor of a building) or apartments in villas. The difference between a studio and a 1-room apartment is reflected in the level of comfort, available space and layout.
  • Duplex - apartment on two floors in a house with interior staircase. It often includes a courtyard (up to 100 square meters) and parking lot;
  • Houses

Each housing type can be included in a comfort category which usually appears in advertisements:

  1. Comfort I - housing with separate rooms, spacious (starting from 30 square meters for a studio), 3-room apartments should have 2 bathrooms.
  2. Comfort II - housing with rooms that are partly interconnected, spacious enough (starting from 25 square meters for a studio), the kitchen is usually smaller.
  3. Comfort III - housing with interconnected rooms, no hallway or balcony, less spacious (such a 3-room apartment has between 40 and 50 square meters)