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2014 CALLS

Human Resources Programme

Young Researcher Fellowship (only Romanian version)

Young Researcher Fellowship was designed in order to sustain graduate high school teenagers with outstanding results to international/global innovation contest (1st, 2nd, 3rd prize; gold, silver and bronze medal). The goal of the sub-programme is to stimulate the outstanding young people to attend university degrees in Romania and integrate them in Romanian research labs.
The Fellowship is granted for 24 months within  the possibility of extension up to 18 months. Each individual project budget is 15.000 euro (equivalent lei) for 24 months. In addition is provided limited budget (2.000 euro/equivalent lei) for attending international scientific events, referral for the thematic area of the Fellow. It is allowed an extension of the Fellowship up to 18 months. The budget for the extension is max. 10.000 euro (equivalent lei) for 18 months and 1.000 euro (equivalent lei) for attending international scientific events.
Deadline is 01.02.2014


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